Just when I'm thinking of voting for him…

Every time I’m thinking of voting for Obama, I get a dash of cold water in the face. Thanks, Venomous Kate!

Another Take On Obama’s Inexperience
Not surprisingly, he immediately backed off from his statement because, after all, Obama himself only has 143 days of actual Senate experience yet believes he’s qualified to lead the free world.

It’s the debates — the one particularly at Saddleback — where I start thinking he maybe isn’t so very bad after all. Then reality hits. I truly appreciate my fellow bloggers.

4 thoughts on “Just when I'm thinking of voting for him…

  1. My jaw just dropped when I first learned that he’d only served 143 active days as a Senator. Seriously, what kind of delusional thinking would lead a person to believe that — and having a whole lot of “hope” and ideas for “change” — qualifies them for the highest position in the land? Why, it’s like a mail room clerk thinking after 5 months of employment that he’s ready to be CEO.

  2. I think it’s just easier for people to get delusional when we’re holding presidential elections.

    Part of me says, “Later, we’ll look on this and laugh.”

    One other thought that I took away from the debate at Saddleback: either is going to be an improvement.

  3. I have to say look at what what the experience has given us in the past 8 years. Cheny and Rumsfeld had more experience than either one of the two running, yikes . Oboma is special peson and will only surround himself with brillient people and he has my vote.

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