Writing small

I’ve always written small — small poems (I actively don’t like long ones, as a rule), smallish blog posts, etc. The one nanowrimo that I won (2006) totally surprised me, due to the fact that I never thought I could come up with at least 50,000 words on anything.

Turns out my instincts are a good thing, according to Seth Godin:

Seth’s Blog: Too small to fail

One secret of ‘small is the new big‘ thinking is that you won’t fail and you can’t fail and you don’t need to worry about a bailout. Not because you’re small in headcount or assets, but because you act small.

If you act small and think big, you are too small to fail. 

One thought on “Writing small

  1. oh this is soooo good! Thanks for posting your words and the link to Seth Godin’s post. And I’m so glad you’re NANOING this year.

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