Spooky movies on Halloween night

I sit here watching a silly Boris Karloff movie, some sort of dramatization of an H. P. Lovecraft story. The neighborhood children have long since come by for their Hershey Bars. Fortunately for my stomach, I think that they took all of them. One of them was dressed up with a rubber John McCain mask, his own choice. They are a heavily Republican bunch. They always stop by our house first, after the taking of pictures of everyone in their costume, since we are the closest neighbor (we’re actually in between their two houses).


Peter came over a few minutes later, complete with chihuahua, all dressed up in his Halloween outfit for us. This year, he was Hugh Hefner, in pajamas, red velvet smoking jacket, and pipe. Beatrix, sitting posed in the crook of his arm, was dressed up as a chihuahua. Peter and dog stayed for a while, chatting, while I worked in the kitchen on an Indian lentils-and-spinach dish.

So now all is quiet, if you don’t count the noise from the spooky movie on the television. I await the inevitable coming of the start of the 2008 version of NaNoWriMo. I hope that I manage to kick myself into completing my work this year.