Thanksgiving, 2008


I love that there is a whole day here dedicated to gratitude. I could spend a whole day making up a list of things that I am grateful for, and still miss a few items.

The first things that I can think of to be grateful for are warm houses and Chihuahuas. (Peter was just bribed by Buck to let us have Beatrix the Chihuahua for a few hours.) She is now curled up by my legs as I write, and is very excited to be here to watch reruns of The Closer with me.

I am also grateful for laptop computers in general, and Apple ones in particular. Getting slightly more geeky, I am grateful for the OS X operating system. I am sure that I could go on for a long time in that vein, but one other thing I am thankful for is that the laptop allows me to write here. Thanks for coming to read! :chicken:

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving, 2008

  1. I just ordered a Mac Book this past Friday and am anxiously awaiting its arrival! Tracking it on Fed Ex – it left Shanghai and seems to be wending its way here via slow boat. Our first computer was a Mac and then we switched to PCs. Have missed the Mac ever since. But I know it’s going to take some getting used to after all the years on a PC.

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  2. You’ll love it, Gail! What I noticed when I first switched to a Mac was how much simpler things were. For instance, you don’t really need anti-virus programs or disk-defragmenters or anti-spyware any longer. And the programs just work… they do what they say they will do. No complicated reconfiguring.

    I know I sound like a true believer. I guess I am. I can’t think of any bad things to say about Macs right now, though. Oh well. 😎

  3. Cool! I can’t wait – the computer I am on now is filled with bugs and operating so slowly it’s driving me crazy. The new Mac has traveled from Shanghai to Anchorage to Indianapolis and is supposed to arrive here in Virginia tomorrow. : )

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