Day after snow

It turns out that we had way more than ten inches of snow yesterday and last night: we had sixteen. Even in Boulder, that calls for places to shut down and people to stay at home until paths can be made through the stuff. Still none of the common Cincinnati attitude of “We’re all gonna die!!!” Refreshing.

Today’s sunny weather has rapidly been processing the snow back into water, which is convenient, except for the puddles around the snow-blocked street drains. It’s good to have waterproof walking shoes. Come to think of it, I don’t believe that anyone in Boulder owns shoes inappropriate for this kind of weather situation. There were no sparkly strappy sandals out today, not even on the feet of young college men who love to wear shorts and tee shirts in the dead of winter.

The only bare feet today were on Boulder’s dogs, which were out today again accompanying their humans on their daily rounds of coffee houses and shopping, instead of hiding inside with everyone else.

I wish there were something more interesting to write about, but there it is. Not bad, all in all.