Memory, from music

My recent high school reunion has brought forth in me a great desire to reminisce, and you get to be part of it all.

Music: of course, essential to the lives of most teenagers since radio was invented. I was exposed in college to more of it than the usual student, since I was working as a DJ at the college radio station, WRVU. We at the station all loved rare songs and unheard-of groups, because that proved our musical superiority to those unwashed multitudes who didn’t have the chance to work in music as we did.

One group I loved was called Steeleye Span, a group which concentrated on putting out modern renditions of old English folk songs. Here is a favorite, which my high school friend Cathy (who introduced me to Segovia, a story for another post) might recognize…

2 thoughts on “Memory, from music

  1. Ohmigosh One: Patti was a DJ!
    Ohmigosh Two: Steeleye Span! (followed by my own tsunami of nostalgia). Superb to hear it again. Thanks.

    How extraordinary that we were discovering and enjoying the same music back then—4000 miles and an ocean apart.

    In the West Country (of England) where I went to university, we could pack 8 people into my Mini (when they really were), and zoom (or rather toddle) off into the coutryside in search of folk music and hoppy beer.

    We never quite decided why folk singers seemed unable to perform without one thumb stuck in their ear. I suspect it might have something to do with physics.
    Thanks for this Patti. I’m a bit worried about Segovia, however!

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