My cooking idol explains omelets

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Julia Child has always been the one who can best explain cooking to me in terms that make me understand not just how to make the recipe in question, but how and why to be a good cook.

We were very lucky to get her to be our annual speaker at the Mercantile Library a few years ago. She was as wonderful that evening as you could imagine from her shows and books. The local culinary academy’s students, who made the hors d’oeuvres for the gathering, were in awe of her, and she very patiently sat for snapshots with each of them.

One dish that I try to make (and/or am feeling too inadequate to try) is an omelette. They’re easy, and good, and have a level of sophistication about them that has nothing to do with fancy ingredients or technically difficult culinary processes. It’s a sort of hallmark recipe for me: how each cookbook writer explains the technique of the dish to me, the reader.

Here, we have my cooking idol explain everything for us.

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  1. I was so looking forward to “Julie & Julia” until I read Joe Morgenstern’s review in today’s WSJ. He was impressed with Streep’s performance (big surprise), but wasn’t enthusiastic about the movie, overall. Well, it still may be worth seeing, if only for the food. Perhaps there will be omelets.

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