September 11: In Memoriam Justin McCarthy

World Trade Center map
World Trade Center map

Justin McCarthy has today been gone from his friends and family for eight years. He was a trader at Cantor Fitzgerald, which was so horribly decimated by the WTC attacks.

He was about to start out on a new life with his girlfriend and her son. I wish I could say something good enough to be of comfort or help to them and his family now.

He had a great sense of humor, and he loved his yearly shark-fishing tournaments with his friend. He made sculptures; he thought of inventions.

I wish I knew more about him, but even more, I wish I did not have this horrible anniversary to remember him on. This should be the eighth anniversary of just another day. But this is not the case.

Today, my thoughts will be with Justin McCarthy’s family and friends.

3 thoughts on “September 11: In Memoriam Justin McCarthy

  1. A remembrance of you,
    Justin McCarthy.
    The Towers of Trade
    represented the best of the best,
    the highest of the highest.
    Chosen because of that height and prestige
    to be assailed by those demons
    who envelope all in their own darkness.

    Under war, buildings fall, and men;
    But the spirit within the heart is
    not so easily quelled.
    It endures in those left behind
    to guard the innocent
    from the vile and desperate.

    I did not know you personally,
    But I know and respect
    all honorable men.
    And I fight for the humanity in man.
    Also, I know that you were
    a man of the financial world.
    Remember that
    your world and members are leaders
    in the fight to detect
    those who would maim
    the lives of the innocent.
    Your pen hunts the sword;
    Your electronics see
    the predators’ evil eyes:
    and reveal them to the hunters.
    So you are not helpless or lost at all,
    You still protect humanity
    keeping it from being overwhelmed.
    My Thanks, and my flowers.
    — Skytale

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