Evening at the farmer’s market

I took a walk this evening across the street to our local park here in Boulder to walk off the nerves that have accumulated mysteriously since I had my port removed a couple of weeks ago. We have had sunny weather ever since our arrival; if it rains, the clouds pass quickly. The Front Range keeps any weather pattern from hanging around forever, as it is in Cincinnati.

I had forgotten that the Farmer’s Market would be open, but it was/is. I had also naively assumed that Farmer’s Markets are only open in the early part of the day. Fortunately, I was wrong: the booths were open and filled with freshly raised broccoli and salad greens and grass-fed beef. Hundreds of people were there at the height of dinner time, including many families with small children. Everyone was spread out on the grass wherever there was shade from the sun that was only beginning to fade into orange.

I did not bring any money, so couldn’t share in the food, but I brought along the iPad to do some reading by the creek. That was what I needed: cool rushing water, green grass, a couple dozen kids running around while their parents browse the organic vegetables. Fortunately for you, I took a picture: