Hmmm, if they can’t fool him

The Associated Press, July 10, 2010

LONDON (AP) — John le Carre, master of the Cold War espionage novel, says he can’t comprehend what the 10 Russian spies kicked out of the United States this week thought they were doing.

In a commentary published Saturday in The Guardian newspaper, le Carre writes: “Who did they think they were protecting in their distorted, programmed little minds as they tried and tried again, unsuccessfully, to slither up the slippery pole of western society?”

Le Carre — the pen name of David Cornwell — says there was a time when spies had motives, and took their place in a great struggle between capitalism and communism.

But now, says le Carre: “What was there to choose between Mother Russia and Mother America, two huge continents out of control drowning together in the oily waters of capitalism?”

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