Writing at night, listening to music

I amuse myself while I remember my childhood for my 750 daily words by firing up blip.fm and playing Neil Halstead‘s “Oh! Mighty Engine.” I have downloaded the whole album through iTunes. I have been going in for the singer-songwriter types of artists during this past month or so. I have also gotten some Richard Hawley and some Neko Case.

I had thought that I would simply listen for the rest of my life to ambient music, interspersed sporadically by old calypso tunes and Smokey Robinson. Clearly, I do not know myself and my own musical tastes as well as I had thought I did. Clearly also I do not understand any concept that could be described as “musical homogeneity.” It has to be late at night (though not that late) if I am finding myself typing out words that are too long for me to use in the general course of a day’s conversation. Listening to songs sung in a manner that lets me understand the lyrics makes me grow wordy, I guess.

Now I’m going to spend the rest of the evening thinking of how I could possibly use the word “homogeneity” in a conversation tomorrow. The cleaning crew comes tomorrow morning… No, I can’t have the people who keep my house habitable start regarding me as spooky. It’s just not worth it.