The end of October, and four years.

Beatrix the Chihuahua is four years old today. A dog’s birthday celebration is admittedly not perhaps the most profound event that one can spend a day doing, but it marks a bright spot for us all as October sets in and the days are damp and gray.

We get her a tiny cake with candles in order to give us all a perfectly good excuse to eat some cake, seeing how unwise it would be to let a dog eat a whole cake. You take what excuses you can!

However it may be: she is four years old. Perhaps the reason that I celebrate this is because the anniversary of my cancer diagnosis (also four years) is coming up, and the gravity (not sure if there is a better word for it) of the fact makes all of the dates surrounding it stand out. In a little over a month will be my fourth Anniversary of Diagnosis. Yes, it gets capitalized.

The memory of it gives me enough energy to fight against the October doldrums and think of reasons to celebrate. I shall think of more reasons, and some of them may even be profound, but at this moment in the middle of the night as I type away, a dog’s birthday seems reason enough.

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