On not getting a new name

I was just skimming through Twitter, as I unfortunately do, and came across several notices or quotes or references to alleged “spiritual guides” (aka “con men“) who offer guidance for the soul in bits and pieces of 140 characters or less. These con men, as I shall hereafter refer to them in blog postings — except in the instances where they are con women — all have names in languages and traditions that are not what they grew up in.

I’ve been guilty of this sort of thing myself. An allegedly Zen practitioner once gave me a Japanese Zen name, but I can’t remember what it was. I even once had a Hebrew name which was so freaking silly that I ain’t gonna mention it here. No sir. Not even if you ask. I dumped the Hebrew name long ago, along with the small, allegedly Jewish group that it came from. Never felt better in my life. To make it clear: I love Judaism, hated that group (that shall henceforth be nameless).

All of this is by way of saying: seriously beware of groups that require/offer a change of name. Except for Judaism — I dropped my Hebrew name because it was damn silly, not because it was Hebrew.



One thought on “On not getting a new name

  1. I have an Indian name, but I didn’t change religions or anything to get it. In fact, I gave it to myself: “Makes $#!+ Up.”

    It just seemed appropriate.

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