My grandmother’s dress, again

Today I discovered a massive amount of information — massive definitely in comparison with what I had known up till now — about my own grandparents. I discovered this information this afternoon while wandering through the Museum’s Wedded Perfection exhibit, consisting of wedding dresses of various past times. My grandmother’s wedding dress is among them, and is stunning to see. With any luck I will remember to paste it into this post at the end.

Today, I read the book that accompanies the exhibition and found out: not only were my grandparents married in 1906, but on May 26th. Her father and her uncles ran a slaughterhouse; pigs, mostly. She was at least 26 — I couldn’t do the mental arithmetic on the dates. She was tiny, much more so than I remember, but then having five kids can mess up your waistline. Scarlett O’Hara‘s famous 17″ waistline comes to mind every time that I see that dress.

My father was the youngest of the children, and he himself married relatively late in life. I came along a long time after that, and I therefore was left out of the cousinly myth-making and storytelling that happens in families. Therefore, I learn about all of this now, when I am fifty-four. Better late than never, to coin a cliché.