On Being in the Spotlight: J. M. Barrie


My theater experience consists of one show: The Old Lady Shows Her Medals, by J. M. Barrie. Yes, he wrote many more things besides Peter Pan. Seventh grade, the middle school plays, a series of one-act things. I was Mrs. Mickleham, and it floors me that I was able to remember that much about the thing.

I was the only seventh-grader in the play; the rest were eighth-graders, the Big Kids. I was deeply impressed with myself at the time, and thought that this was incontrovertible proof that I had great acting talent. That lasted for the run of the show, about two showings’ worth. I enjoyed being on stage, but found no great desire to repeat the experience.

My husband, though, almost lived in the theater department during college. Even today he can do a wonderful rendition of the balcony scene in Romeo & Juliet, doing all three parts by himself. Through him, the play turns into a comedy. Can’t describe why — you have to be there.

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  1. It is comedy because he does it in a southern accent!! I laughed until my face hurt last time I heard him!

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