Woodpeckers and, I hope, a hawk.


Annoyingly wet Spring morning, only two days into the season. The trees on the horizon look ever so slightly thicker in their bareness: the sap and the buds doing their stuff, just invisible to us yet, “us” being the largely untrained (okay, I’ve had some ornithology training by people who were just as happy to regard the plants around them if there were no birds to be had in our immediate area) passers-by or rather passers-through.

The red-bellied woodpecker is showing off across the gully in someone else’s presumably old and therefore wormy tree. It’s been working on this same tree for days now. I hope it moves soon. The local bird that I hope stays around more is the adult Red-tailed Hawk who took up residence in our neighborhood about four or five years ago as a brand-new adult. There is a distinct lack of annoying noise about him.

My ears are not good enough to make many more observations about the local birds until I actually get out of bed and start doing something and going somewhere.