Finding my writing guides.


I am writing what for lack of a better word I call memoirs. I don’t know quite why I started writing them this spring, but I hurry to create the proper mental atmosphere to keep this process going. My writing workshop teacher recommends finding a book that is of the same sort that you yourself want to write, and using it as a sort of guide, a way of seeing how someone else has tackled your same subject, your same problems.

I am writing about my family and my early life. The book that immediately came to me to use as the guide is Truman Capote‘s In Cold Blood. The music that I want to listen to while I write is Beethoven’s Fifth piano concerto — I don’t care who the orchestra is, but the pianist must be Rudolf Serkin.

I wish I knew what this says about my subconscious, but if I did know, it would no longer be subconscious. I should just leave it at that.