Mouse in the house

There is now officially a mouse in the house.

I knew they were here in theory because little brown field mice love a good hibernating place in winter. Zooey the Cat had him cornered in Buck’s office. Buck thought he was dead because he was so still, but he turned out to be quite healthy. We had him cornered for a while in Buck’s closet, but he escaped. The last we saw of him, he was running off under the bed in the room the cats usually stay in, so his days are numbered.

Buck wants to try to get the mouse again in a little while, but I see nothing but frustration in that pursuit. This is not a horrid tiny monster waiting and plotting to bring doom upon us all, but a scared little field mouse who just wants to find a warm place to spend the winter in.

I thought they would be in the basement, but maybe they live up in the attic too.