Music. Again, and ever more again.

Of course, listening to the music in the previous post has started me going through an orgy of music listening, currently switching through various songs on Tommy.

I sit here with eyes half glazed over with one wish moving through my mind: I wish I was a DJ. Then and only then do I remember: I was.

In college, my extracurricular activity — other than Buck — was my job as a DJ at the college radio station, WRVU Nashville. Yes, it was the mid-seventies and female DJ’s were not really welcomed with open arms by the industry, but this was a college station down on the nether end of the dial, and besides, giving me my time slots for the year was the only time that the program director got to talk to a girl.

If you were to hear my voice, you would know right off that no, this is not a DJ’s voice. But, you work with what you are given. Thinking of putting up a channel on Spotify.

2 thoughts on “Music. Again, and ever more again.

  1. Thanks for your attention. I wish I knew more about music. I am sort of stuck with the 1960’s and 1970’s. I like folk music too. Hubby did some radio stuff in High School. But I didn’t know him then. I am not yet skilled in ‘computerese’ to understand how to play/listen to music while typing, much less down loads of e-books and such. But I figure one foot at a time…one step at a time and I may get to where I am going eventually. Until then I will enjoy the adventure. Bookmarking you site – I find inspiration everywhere.

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