Exploratory coffee

I have taken myself off to a coffee house downtown — Coffee-Emporium Artisan Coffees & Assorted Teas — which counts as an adventure in my world. It is full of people talking or working furiously at their electronics, like I am. This is like Boulder, in any coffee shop there. This justifies my existence, therefore.

I rode down here listening to music that I found in a book, or more precisely found out about in a book. The book is Standing in Another Man’s Grave (Detective Inspector Rebus): Ian Rankin: 9780316224581: Amazon.com: Books and the music is by a band named Mogwai – Les Revenants, and that’s the album I’m listening to.

Ian Rankin, the author of the book, is a music expert and any music he mentions in the course of his novels, and he finds a lot of places to mention music, is always an excellent choice, even if detective novels are unexpected places to find music in.

Maybe the best music is the music you find in unexpected places.

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