Morning meditation

April 23, 2013 || 7:05 AM

I imagined a picture just now – I imagined taking a picture and then I realized I was not holding a camera. And then I imagined putting it into my journal, and then I realized that I was not holding my iPad with the journal application open. But I am quite certain that I have got the iPad open now. I have even opened the door for Sophie to go in and out of the bedroom and now she is sitting in the doorway, wanting something, but she can’t tell me what it is. Maybe Frank the Cat is sitting out there. Zooey the Cat is sitting in here on the bed, ignoring the dog and me.

Now a wren or something is outside calling and calling. I wish I knew. I wish I could get out birding, that I was comfortable going out alone into the woods but have a possibly irrational fear of doing just that. My good binoculars are in Boulder anyway, and they will be there when we arrive on Friday. I could go to REI and look at that one pair of 10 x 50’s that they have. Many binoculars are too wide for my face. The ones in Boulder are perfect.

Frank is now in the room, attracted by the wren sounds and is staring quickly and intently at all possible sources of the sound. He must see some actual birds because his attention is very focused on whatever he is facing. I wish I could see as well as he does. I wish I could curl up like he does.