Holiday greetings

December 23, 2014 || 2:32 PM

Where I am: Starbucks.

What I am contemplating: the habit we have (well, lots of people who are not me) of greeting people with the phrase “Are you ready for Christmas?”

We are supposed to be, at this time, overwhelmed with the production of A Holiday and there are endless ways to keep busy. To do something more.

It is defeat, and a sign of your weak character, to say “Yes” in answer to this. If you say “Yes,” you are a sluggard and a cheat and you are guaranteeing a substandard December 25th for your family. Well, you could be a master organizer who shops for presents in May, but we’re working on probabilities here now.

Let us hang out on Christmas, enjoy each other’s company, eat too many cookies (ones from easy recipes that don’t require exotic ingredients like petrified reindeer tears) and talk nonsense or football with each other.

Let us enjoy.

Have a holiday.