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High winds today…


imply that your fair blogger is currently in at a hotel near Atlanta, hoping to get home soon to our animals which need constant care and love and assurance. Please send cat and dog prayers for Sophie and Newton and Satchel for us! We come as fast as Delta says that we can.

Cats are sneaky


Another era in my cat-blogging starts now, with Satchel attempting to steal my breakfast apple turnover. I thought he’d go for the raspberries first, but that’s more Newton’s style. Satchel loves the carbs. Pictures will appear if I can get my camera.

OK, fine. I'm a cat.

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Apropos of the second-to-last blog entry, I have been seriously delving into Natsume Soseki’s I Am a Cat. As you might guess somewhat from the title, Our Hero is a nameless cat, who lives in the house of a teacher and his family. He (the cat) makes wonderfully sly observations on the humans surrounding him. Now I want more Soseki. What goes on the reading list next: Kokoro.

Getting over the travel nerves

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There’s only one sure way to get over travel-derived frazzled nerves: change your blog’s theme. So, what do you think? Yes, by the way, this does mean that I’m back from New York. I trust I left it in good condition. Or good enough. Both cats glad to see us, but very sad to see the cat nannies leave. Dog just happy. I think that’s the reason for Sophie’s existence: being happy.