Eddie the Cat

He’s off for his x-rays today. I’ve been delaying taking him to the vet’s because I have a reluctance to face reality. Also, my sinuses are acting up, and my mouth still hurts from getting the crown. Mortality — spooky stuff.

tooth replacement

I have spent yet another morning in the lap of modern dentistry. To be exact, I spent the morning in a very comfortable dental chair, while my friendly dentist drilled some of my bottom right molar away. They don’t do crowns like they used to — the dentist takes only the bad part of your Continue reading tooth replacement

long night

Majorly big fundraising dinner at museum center. Was given to understand my presence, as spouse, would be very appreciated. Opening of touring exhibition of Vatican artworks. My opinion: much ado about nothing, to coin a cliché. Reproductions. Odds and ends. Interesting if you’re into papal history, which I very definitely am not. At least it Continue reading long night

my afternoon

So my husband got to say a few words at the dedication of the plaque at James Thurber’s old house in Columbus (77 Jefferson St., if you want to go), and decides to say a few sweet words about me, bless him. “And I want to introduce my wife, Patti, who’s a poet, and who Continue reading my afternoon