tooth replacement

I have spent yet another morning in the lap of modern dentistry. To be exact, I spent the morning in a very comfortable dental chair, while my friendly dentist drilled some of my bottom right molar away. They don’t do crowns like they used to — the dentist takes only the bad part of your tooth away with the drill, then hooks up a little camera to your tooth and creates a 3-D model of your tooth on a computer, which mills out a partial crown to fit right into the slot. No waiting for a week. And no pain, if you’re not like me and are difficult to make adequately numb.

More snow, Christmas vacation has started, and Hanukkah starts tomorrow at sundown. I have a menorah and lots of candles, and a friend who can make latkes. I’m not sure I need much else.

Dostoevsky fits the winter weather well. I’m not sure why, but I think it might have to do with the fact that he was born in a country in which winter is the premiere season. I know they must have spring, summer and fall, but when I think of Russia, I think of the snow drifting through the air, past the whitened roofs, to all streets everywhere, like it is doing here now.