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Different. Spring.


The different world I can’t help but think that the world is different every time that the spring arrives. Yesterday was blazingly hot — though it’s only spring and the heat was only about 83 degrees. Quite sufficient enough heat to cause all of the blooming trees to bloom. I had not even noticed that their buds were ready but our street’s intersection is ablaze (is that the right word?) with forsythia bushes. A flood […]

Spring is here.


Spring — the arrival thereof — has duly commenced here in southwest Ohio. I try never to rely solely on the weather when calculating things like the arrival of a warm season. I depend on other, surer signs: a small bout of insomnia, and a fit of cleaning. Thankfully, both signs have now occurred, and I am recovering from them. I have just picked about 150 pounds of books to be sent to the used […]

Spring, and ducks


Congratulations! We have made it to the first day of Spring! I feel that this is rather a day of liberation because winter seemed particularly insistent this year. Unpleasant weather, regardless of how long it lasts, always seems particularly insistent and intrusive. If I had any sense, I would move to Florida or Hawaii and have done with it. As it is, I am sitting now in a place more famous for its winter weather […]

Spring arrives in the night-time

Natural world

Spring is officially here. I know this because last night, it was warm enough to sleep with the window open. This feels like a huge event in my life because starting in February, I easily fall into the notion that winter will last forever. I know that this is not the truth. I have even, in math class, had to prove it. Or something in a similar vein. Cold and winter end. I relearn this […]

The year, thawing


Yesterday afternoon, the weather was not only sunny but warm, around 70℉. I could, for the first time this year, open the windows of the house, and the sun-roof of my car. This provided a break in my usual pattern of thinking — usual for February — that says that it will always be cold, that going outside, you always have to make a sacrifice of warmth and comfort. Perhaps it was just my happy […]

The night outside


The night outside is ringing like a bell, thanks to the grasshoppers and crickets. The night air is warmer than I am used to it, or have been used to it in past summers. The sun is down an hour earlier than it had been down at the height of summer, when I was still thawing out from this very cold past spring, when I never thought I’d be warm again, when I had pneumonia […]