Spring, and ducks

Congratulations! We have made it to the first day of Spring! I feel that this is rather a day of liberation because winter seemed particularly insistent this year. Unpleasant weather, regardless of how long it lasts, always seems particularly insistent and intrusive. If I had any sense, I would move to Florida or Hawaii and have done with it.

As it is, I am sitting now in a place more famous for its winter weather than Cincinnati is: Boulder, Colorado. Yes, I can now witness the Flatirons of the Front Range thawing out in the sunshine.

Some ducks wandering around in Boulder Creek today.
Some ducks wandering around in Boulder Creek today.

In celebration of this event, I took a walk outside, and photographed some ducks on Boulder Creek. Here are a few of them climbing stones in the stream.

One thought on “Spring, and ducks

  1. Pops of color abound, birds sing in the early morn and I’m happy for you.

    Enjoy you spring delights

    Love OP

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