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Voting today

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Going to head out in a sec to vote. I’m voting in Ohio, and suddenly, I feel the eyes of the world on me, or at least the eyes of the CNN reporters. I’m watching one give a live report from up in Canton now. Hope I get to vote in peace.

RNC: On the Observable Lack of Dissent on the Floor. Reasons thereof.


My friend, Sid, loves my small bits of convention coverage, for some reason. And he asks, why my husband, the Alternate Delegate, couldn’t come up with an Alternate Nomination. I mean, you used to be able to do that, have a debate about which candidate was best, once all the delegates were there in the convention hall. That’s why they allot the week for the convention, and why they need to delay the vote with […]

I miss all the good stuff!


Wizbang: RNC Gossip Edition Monday evening there was an argument between Franken and a producer for the Laura Ingraham show regarding whether he had agreed to be on her program, The producer called Franken “a liar,” evidentally because Franken (in his opinion) reneged on a promise to appear on the Ingraham show. Franken called him “an asshole,” then tempers flared, and push came to shove.

RNC: Home


Thus ends my coverage of the RNC. We must get home for our son’s first day at school, which is tomorrow. I’m at the airport as I write. Besides, the politicians drive me crazy, so that I actually find Times Square soothing. So, thanks for stopping by for the small bit of RNC coverage that I could do.