Voting today

Going to head out in a sec to vote. I’m voting in Ohio, and suddenly, I feel the eyes of the world on me, or at least the eyes of the CNN reporters. I’m watching one give a live report from up in Canton now. Hope I get to vote in peace.

3 thoughts on “Voting today

  1. ok, but how’s the writing going my friend! i’m so very excited to see the end result. no matter who our president is, just keep on writing.

    i’ll be pestering you soon
    the other patti

  2. Chocolate, now I should have gotten myself some, to help the long night of election results.

    I’ll be back in touch.

    autum is in the air
    many colors everywhere
    i’m so lucky very lucky
    youre always there.

    just a laugh for you.
    Other Patti

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