Passive aggressiveness…

… oozing through the cracks of society. Now I Know the Truth FOUND by Julian Zanetti in Ottawa, Canada Found on the floor in a department store, in the snack section. I guess she found some pretty solid evidence. Pretty passive-aggressive to do this through a note though.

Goodbye, children

Last night, for Movie Night, Other Patti and Our Friend Sally and I watched the French movie that gave Quentin Tarantino the name idea for his movie “Reservoir Dogs”. You see, Tarantino, before he became a famous director, worked in a movie rental store. Some (not so very brilliant) guy came in looking for a Continue reading Goodbye, children


Via » Commonplace In the 1930s also, persons of good intentions accused this flamethrower [lit. cannon-igniter] Winston Churchill of being the principal danger towards world peace. In a sense, these people were correct. Churchill, in opposing Nazism, menaced world peace, a peace of which the terms had been defined by Hitler. The rejection of Continue reading qotd