too many plans

Got all the plans nailed down, as far as I can do so, for the trip, including an extra night’s stay in NYC so I don’t have to deal with missed flights on the way back from Tel Aviv. I will need to decompress anyway, and what better place to do so than in a Continue reading too many plans

Anniversary day

Two years ago, I still didn’t know what was happening. I’d taken my son to school, and had heard some vague report on the radio — which I always have on in the car — about some kind of bomb, perhaps, at the WTC. I figured, well, I’ll see it on the news at home. Continue reading Anniversary day

no one came home

No one came home 1. Max was in bed that morning, pressed against my feet, walking to my pillow to kiss my nose, long and lean with aqua- marine eyes, my sun prince who thought himself my lover. He was cream and golden orange, strong willed, lord of the other cats and his domain. He Continue reading no one came home