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Cake, and eating it too.


I did not write about my birthday (last Thursday) because I wanted it to be not so big of a deal. I also was busy with the one thing that I did ask for: my birthday cake. The cake came from a local bakery, Busken’s, and was exactly how I wanted it: white cake with fluffy vanilla icing. There were blue and purple flowers on it. I mention this now because Buck and I are […]

What to get me for my next birthday

Ephemera / writing

Via Notebookism: Review: Field Notes Brand Pocket Notebook: Breck shared his opinions of the Field Notes: “You can see for yourself below how much pride of provenance DDC/CP take in their product. When manufacturers put this all out there, you know they believe in what they’re doing. Sometimes the product is still junk (I’m looking at you, Tom’s of Maine GingerMint toothpaste. Why wait all night to develop morning breath when you can just squeeze […]

The birthday of today is…


Happy birthday to one of the only food writers that I’ve truly admired. (The other one is Julia Child, whose birthday it is not.) NEWSgrist – where spin is art: M.F.K. Fisher: Witches Of Yesteryear Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher was born a hundred years ago today.

Happy Birthday, Steve!!


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