Cake, and eating it too.

I did not write about my birthday (last Thursday) because I wanted it to be not so big of a deal. I also was busy with the one thing that I did ask for: my birthday cake.

The cake came from a local bakery, Busken’s, and was exactly how I wanted it: white cake with fluffy vanilla icing. There were blue and purple flowers on it.

I mention this now because Buck and I are just finishing up the last huge chunk of it (yes, I let him have some). It has been a daunting task for me because, with my new stomach, I don’t digest large doses of sugary carbohydrates well. Therefore, my cake-eating has been interspersed with a few times to recover from the cake eating. Then, it was back for another piece.

So I have proved again that if you really work toward your goal, you’re bound to achieve it.

Now, back to finish up the last crumbs.