Cats are sneaky

Another era in my cat-blogging starts now, with Satchel attempting to steal my breakfast apple turnover. I thought he’d go for the raspberries first, but that’s more Newton’s style. Satchel loves the carbs. Pictures will appear if I can get my camera.

Vacation from online

I changed the template, then vanished for three days. Sound logical? Well, I think it does at any rate. I’m favoring this template right now over the one that has been here simply because it uses Matt’s “asides” technique, which I’d love to use on the previous template but it wasn’t in there, and I Continue reading Vacation from online

Want to read!

If you saw me with my Amazon Kindle, you’d suspect that I didn’t like buying books now that don’t fit on it. However, there are out there vast seas of books not yet Kindle-ized, some of which I very much do want to read, one of them inspired by a Kindle-ized book I am currently Continue reading Want to read!