Want to read!

If you saw me with my Amazon Kindle, you’d suspect that I didn’t like buying books now that don’t fit on it. However, there are out there vast seas of books not yet Kindle-ized, some of which I very much do want to read, one of them inspired by a Kindle-ized book I am currently reading, to wit:

“Kafka on the Shore” (Haruki Murakami)

One of Our Heros is attempting to read all the works of a great Japanese writer, Natsume Soseki. This got me to remembering the fact that I have not read Soseki since college. Hence I order up this book, to be delivered as fast as possible:

“I Am a Cat: Three Volumes in One” (Soseki Natsume)

Remember, before there was cat-blogging, there was cat-writing!

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