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The Stranger’s Child

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Alan Hollinghurst’s “The Stranger’s Child” Review : The New Yorker. That which I am reading now. Yes, I have a definite Booker bent to my reading tastes. No, this book didn’t win the Booker, but another of the author’s books did — The Line of Beauty. And I wouldn’t have found this here book — The Stranger’s Child — without having been curious about its author’s other books, on account of the prize win. Related articles The Line […]

Now #reading … (experiencing?)


Silent History This is not just a book — audio and pictures as well. I have only just downloaded it, so am still exploring. It is a medical thriller / science fiction story that takes place thirty or so years in the future, and documents a growing number of young children who are born starting around 2011 and grow up never speaking. Looks good so far.

Alan Turing as a young student

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What do young geniuses read, anyway? I cannot resist a good math article, or a good computer science tidbit, or a good history of math article, and I seem to have found all three of them in one place, Alex Bellos’s blog, in (as of this reading) in two entries about Alan Turing’s reading and study habits while at Sherborne School which he attended for what we in America would call high school. Book list […]

Reading the Forsytes


I don’t know why I have left it to my advanced stage in life to discover Galsworthy and his attendant Forsyte Saga, but there it is — chief right now among that near-infinite gathering of things I should have done long ago. But at least I have started the saga: three volumes, three books per. They go fast. We start at the beginning with a collection of the Forsyte family at a party to celebrate […]

Done with Lit. Next, This Boy’s Life

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I have finished Mary Karr‘s Lit, minutes before Sally and Other Patti came over for our usual Movie Night. I usually don’t use the word “harrowing” when talking about — well, anything — but that is an adequate adjective here. There is probably a better adjective, but I cannot come up with one on the spur of the moment. I loved the book. It also exhausted me. Her dealing with her own demons got a […]