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A lull in reading


But not too big of a lull. Last night, after a marathon not-quite-all-day bout of reading, I finished Robert Graves‘ I, Claudius. Not only did the action and characters in the book carry me along quite effortlessly, I was also refreshed by reading about a political climate that is even more poisonous (literally) than ours today — the one that existed two thousand years ago in Rome. Therefore, our political climate is not, in fact, […]

Currently reading… Gardener’s Nightcap

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I must first start out here by saying that I am not a gardener. I grew up deep in the country but had nobody to tell me the names of the various plants around except for those of three or four varieties of trees. Today, I can definitely distinguish a specimen of any species of moss from a sunflower, and both of those from a California redwood. I actually do know a few more species […]

More Infinite Jest thoughts

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David Foster Wallace‘s writing is like a firework, always fading away. A.S. Byatt‘s writing has life in it. It is solid, and will happily last and live as long as is possible for a book to live. DFW’s Infinite Jest frightens me with the possibility always of its frivolity, its center of nothingness, despair, entertainment as a main goal in life and entertainment as ultimately empty and leading literally to death and decay and waste […]

Books: not necessarily difficult.

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Image by cobra libre via Flickr Norm at the Library has a hopeful note up today. It’s possible to like books with plots in them, and not have to be publicly ashamed at that fact. Well, folks, it looks like the long literary nightmare is finally over. via “…they have trained us… to associate a crisp, dynamic, exciting plot with supermarket fiction, and cheap thrills, and embarrassment.” « Stacked. Maybe now I can admit that […]

I am reading too much


… and sleeping too little, I think. I am just realizing how daunting the list is. Infinite Jest (which you might have guessed already) The Shadow of the Wind The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society The Children’s Book (by A. S. Byatt, not in print over here yet until September) On the back burner: War and Peace The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance So, […]

Finishing Eschaton

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Image by qousqous via Flickr I am still, as stated earlier, reading Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. I have decided that it’s not a novel that I am continuing to read because I like it, though I do. I’ve given up on a lot of likeable novels. There is also the allure of actually finishing a “cool” and “important” novel, and therefore having a license to drone on about it to everyone within earshot. […]