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At Saxy’s


Musical relief: I am sitting in Saxy’s Café here in Boulder, with Van Morrison‘s Astral Weeks album playing over the sound system. Why this is relief: at home, I either go to Starbuck’s, which plays Bob Marley unfailingly at this time of day. The other café I go to has a sound system set so low that I can never tell what is playing. I love Bob Marley, but not every day. I love a […]

The same thing, day in and day out

Ephemera / music

Bob Marley is telling me now to “Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights.” He tells me this at roughly the same time every single weekday that I sit in this particular Starbuck’s. We have here a music strategy designed to get those of us who were actually alive during Marley’s lifetime to associate all that Jamaican goodness with sitting here drinking hot beverages and messing around on the free WiFi. I do love […]