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Ivy. Coffee house.


Yes, the earphones worked just fine when I went back to the coffee house. I spent a good hour and ten minutes working and listening to Celer’s Tightrope. And came to the conclusion that I prefer writing on my porch while watching the ivy grow and posting pictures here to remember when it’s winter time.

I need a new coffee house


Why I need a new coffee house Yesterday afternoon, I came to the conclusion that I need a new coffee house to frequent. This thought came to me while I was actually sitting in the coffee house aforementioned. No, the hot caffeinated (and cold caffeinated) beverages are of the same good quality as ever, as well as the service. It is a fellow coffee house goer that is driving me a tad nuts, or at […]

Coffee January 3, 2013


I am at Lookout Joe’s for the morning. There was a very acceptable parking space nearby, one that can be had for two hours at a time with a dollar’s worth of quarters. There are still the Christmas decorations up inside: tinsel around the menu board and tinsel and lights around the specialty tea display in the back of the room. The room is full of women gathered talking to one another. There’s only one […]

I always drink coffee sweetened, but…


Just got myself a small vanilla latté. It was full to the brim so I took a big sip of it before I picked it up from the counter and taking it over to the table where the sugar and spoons are. It tasted pretty good, so I am giving it a try unsweetened. Yes, I know this is heresy, but I say, give it a shot.