reading very old books

Okay, I’m a biblical scholar. Sort of. A beginning one, at least. Hey, I’ve read over 80% of the so-called Old Testament — how many other people can say that? Especially the high and mighty ones who always try to make a holier-than-thou point of being better-than-me? Yeah, thought not. What’s gotten me cranky on Continue reading reading very old books

cats and shoes

It’s days like today that make me realize even more how much I’ll miss the summer. It’s warm, in the 60’s, and the clouds have gone away for now. James is roasting the day’s coffee beans, and the occasional ventings from the roaster keep the coffee-house well-scented. Folk music is on the stereo, and the Continue reading cats and shoes


Found a nice new program to keep the music on iTunes playing all day… LPlayer. This will help me finish up My Name is Asher Lev and associated work for the book club lunch tomorrow at the Mercantile Library, where I lead a discussion on that book. I have lots of information, especially on Jacques Continue reading music