Still reading!

When I entitled my last post “Now reading,” I meant it especially much. I am still reading it, almost exclusively out of the pile of my current reading. What the Anticancer book giving me is a plan of living, post cancer, so as to minimize the possibility of a relapse. As Gail said in her Continue reading Still reading!

More cancer news from PA

In the “not raining but pouring” department, I found this extra tidbit of cancer news. Apparently, geography can make you ill. There’s supposed to be another such area of heightened risk here in Cincinnati and surrounding areas, but right now, I can’t find news/proof of that. Just some information floating around the doctor’s office, I Continue reading More cancer news from PA

More food for thought

Or, why you should be careful what you wear, and the mystery of how murderous thugs become fashion statements. Commentary: T-shirt depicts ‘pathetic and brutal legacy’ – How Che became such a revered superhero of the hard-core left is laughable. First of all, he wasn’t even a good revolutionary. He failed in his attempt Continue reading More food for thought