sunny morning

Peter is sitting next to me. He says, in response to “What should I write about?”, “Write a screenplay.” I’m not sure that’s gonna work.

First of all, that would mean there’s a plot hanging about around here, and I sense none. Or there could be, and I haven’t looked for it. It’s hard to find a plot when people are simply hanging out or going to classes at the Chautauqua Institute.

Yesterday, I tried to listen, from across the street in our nice comfy porch, to Karen Armstrong give the 2:00 lecture that she will be giving every day through Friday. Unfortunately, we had a huge downpour, including hail, and her words got a little drowned in all that. The one bit I did get was that credo does not mean simply “I believe.” The true meaning involves more heartfelt devotion, according to the Sanskrit root. I hope to get more good lecture stuff today, but it’s as the weather goes.

2 thoughts on “sunny morning

  1. Think harder. Think gunshots in the hailstorm. Think body bobbing to the surface of the lake clad only in Birkenstocks. Think view envy. Think featured Muslim speaker. Of course that’s all kind of bookish. So think Best of Show/Waiting for Guffman treatement of Chautauqua planning sessions.

  2. That would be too funny of a movie to make. You’d have to deal with a cameraman in hysterical laughter all the time, Albert 😈

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