Erev Sukkot

Did nothing today but sit at the Cafe Beginah (Garden Cafe) with Mordechai and read read read. The sort of day I needed after yesterday’s travels. The sun was out, the temperature perfect, and the pomegranate and palm and other trees provided lovely shade. Tonight, Sukkot at Avraham’s. Film at 11.


Have you ever been so tired that you did not want to go to sleep? That is where I am now. Current plan of action: hook up the computer put Drew Carey on the TV drink all the Beck’s in the mini-bar remind the blog-readers not to worry, since there were only 2 Beck’s in Continue reading fatigue

the right idea

I’ve been looking for a way to describe how I feel about the abominable practices that lead to suing 12-year-old girls, and lo and behold! it falls right into my lap. Or my RSS aggregator, whichever…. Ideas as Property – the Big Lie of Big Content From Ideas as Property – the Big Lie of Continue reading the right idea