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I’ve been looking for a way to describe how I feel about the abominable practices that lead to suing 12-year-old girls, and lo and behold! it falls right into my lap. Or my RSS aggregator, whichever….

Ideas as Property – the Big Lie of Big Content

From Ideas as Property – the Big Lie of Big Content

Big Content: RIAA, MPAA, thoes who support software and business process patent supporters don’t want to protect the revenue from James hypothetical train display, they want want a cut of the action for the very idea of a train and they want it for eternity –

  • Big Content wants money everytime anyone builds a model train display like James’, whether it’s for personal use, commercial sale, or educational purposes in a museum.
  • They want money from the manufacturers of the trains, the tracks, and probably the wood for the barn.
  • They want money when someone paints a picture of their train display, writes a fictional book about riding the train or a documentary about it’s construction.
  • In fact if I were to build a big barn and charge people to look at a doll collection they want a piece of that too. It’s called a business process patent.

Even if James’ hypothetical train display is torn down by the owners because it is no longer profitable, they want to be able to haul my ass into jail for spending thousands of dollars of my own money rebuilding it from scratch because it was something I loved (spend some time reasearching the current state of classic film stock that is protected from restoration by the Bono Copyright Extention Act).

Ideas are not things. Ideas surely have value and that value must be protected. But the idea itself is not devalued when shared, in fact we are all enriched by the sharing of ideas, the reason that our founding fathers created copyrights and patents.

But please tell me who loses money when Girl Scouts dance the Macarena or when Finnish taxi drivers turn on the radio?  Is threatening a 12-year old girl with jail time and $100s of thousands of dollars in fines really in anyone’s best interests?

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