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Men: not the default?

Current Affairs

Excellent article… The sexist differences between the sexes – Telegraph It is time, says Pinker, to stop thinking of men as the ‘default’ setting and women as variants of the norm, when advances in brain imaging and genetic mapping confirm fundamental genetic, neurological and psychological differences between the two sexes.

Spring and Easter at last


Easter arrives cold and gray, just like it usually does around these parts. I figure that the weather is here to spite the fact that at least one of my daffodils has bloomed, and my friend up the street’s orange crocuses are in full flower. Nevertheless, spring is officially here now, with Easter, according to my personal calendar. And fun must be had. Too bad that Peter, at 22, is too old for an easter […]

Snow wonderland

Natural world

I am perhaps the only one in the area who is happy with all the snow. The fluff is still perfectly strewn across most of the landscape. Everything outside the window reminds me of the full-color photographs on some Christmas cards I saw as a toddler back in the Fifties. (Yes, I was a toddler. Human growth and aging are continuous functions. Look up that definition again.) Soon, I venture out into the snow again […]



Silver cleaning: much thereof. Also much of keeping of Chihuahuas out of the humans’ way. Chihuahuas are very helpful little critters. Do you know how dirty you and your kitchen can get while cleaning a boatload of silverware plus two very neglected candlesticks? You might never properly imagine the scope if I did tell you, so I won’t. Hope y’alls’ tomorrow is shaping up nicely.

Christmas goals


One thing that I unabashedly hate about the holidays is the eternal question: “Are you ready for Christmas?” I have never known what to answer. Invariably, I say something along the lines of “Oh, I never am,” never until the day actually starts. It seems self-defeating to me to work so hard at the big Christmas Machine that you cannot enjoy the day. I slave over hot computers instead, thinking self-contentedly about the nice, big […]

Getting ready for somebody's holiday

Ephemera / Spirit

Our friends have long since let us know that, despite my spiritual leanings towards a non-Christian religious tradition, they are going to show up for a huge lunch at our house every December 25th. I have therefore come to the understanding that the dictates of friendship can equal the dictates of a classical spiritual tradition. In this light, I confess that I even wore my old Christmas earrings to lunch today. Sue me! I had […]