Boulder in June

Sometimes, it seems like I have two lives: one here in Boulder, one back in Cincinnati. I smoothy take up the reins of each as I arrive there. This is a very strange sort of double life. But my memory has played tricks on me. I remembered to bring all of the camera’s cords and Continue reading Boulder in June

Foggy Monday morning

I spent the weekend having fun with my newfound B12 deficiency. No, it’s not serious yet, but I get out of breath easily and wobble a lot. I head out to the doctors this morning for a vitamin shot. They intend to look at my Vitamin D levels too, which leads me to think this Continue reading Foggy Monday morning

Men: not the default?

Excellent article… The sexist differences between the sexes – Telegraph It is time, says Pinker, to stop thinking of men as the ‘default’ setting and women as variants of the norm, when advances in brain imaging and genetic mapping confirm fundamental genetic, neurological and psychological differences between the two sexes.