Foggy Monday morning

I spent the weekend having fun with my newfound B12 deficiency. No, it’s not serious yet, but I get out of breath easily and wobble a lot. I head out to the doctors this morning for a vitamin shot. They intend to look at my Vitamin D levels too, which leads me to think this is not a terribly simple problem.

I was promised this deficiency — I no longer have the part of the stomach that processes B12 — but am a bit unnerved by its actual appearance.

Fortunately, it’s May, and the weather can cheer me up. It promises to be a sunny day, but we’re also close enough to the river to be covered with fog as I write. Some of the sunlight filters through it already, and hits the sycamores’ bark. Things look almost better in this fog than in sunlight.

As long as it’s sunny, I’ll pretend I am broadminded and like all sorts of weather!