Monday at last!

I love this day when the week gets started up again, and out of the malaise that always happens on a Sunday, even here in Boulder land. What I am beginning to hate, though: constant old reggae in every single coffee house that I patronize. Right now, in The Cup, we have a slight change Continue reading Monday at last!

Still reading!

When I entitled my last post “Now reading,” I meant it especially much. I am still reading it, almost exclusively out of the pile of my current reading. What the Anticancer book giving me is a plan of living, post cancer, so as to minimize the possibility of a relapse. As Gail said in her Continue reading Still reading!

Power and pirates

It would seem that (and thanks to Electric Venom for reminding me) today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. We take language seriously over here on this blog, so we shall go around saying “Arrrrrh!” to all our friends today. I hope that they can deal with it. Fair disclosure: I am not doing Continue reading Power and pirates