Pilates on a Monday

I am off to Pilates with Julie on a Monday morning — this system of exercise I do freakishly well at. I am toned and fit and my body has changed so much that I can’t wear a lot of my old clothes. They don’t fit — but not in the sense of they’re a little loose but more in the sense of they slide right off of me.

Then, meet with my friend the chef who will help me figure how to scarf down a day’s worth of calories on half a stomach that doesn’t involve sitting in Starbuck’s drinking mocha frappucinos all afternoon. I hope I don’t have to give them up entirely.

3 thoughts on “Pilates on a Monday

  1. Glad to hear you’re loving Pilates so much Patti. Hope you didn’t end up having to give up all your mocha frappucinos. Life just isn’t the same without a frappucino every now and then!

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