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More Pilates.


More Pilates. This time, self-induced — self-instructed? At any rate, here. I stick with instructors in the lineage (I hate that word) of Romana Krysanowska. I even had a smoothie for breakfast without hardly any crap in it. It involved a handful of fresh spinach and some whey protein powder. No chocolate. No flax seed oil, which I forgot to get. Same for half an avocado (though they do tend to make you buy the […]

Pilates on a Monday


I am off to Pilates with Julie on a Monday morning — this system of exercise I do freakishly well at. I am toned and fit and my body has changed so much that I can’t wear a lot of my old clothes. They don’t fit — but not in the sense of they’re a little loose but more in the sense of they slide right off of me. Then, meet with my friend the chef who […]

Boulder snow


It’s snowing in Boulder — nothing better from my point of view. At home in Cincinnati, we get endless gray skies punctuated with a bit of rain. Here, mounds of lovely fluffy snow with the promise of the return of the sunshine within a couple of days. I shall spend my day doing Pilates (they have a whole Institute here for the stuff!) and writing. And inevitably, I shall end up writing about sunshine and summer in Cincinnati. […]