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Pilates on a Monday


I am off to Pilates with Julie on a Monday morning — this system of exercise I do freakishly well at. I am toned and fit and my body has changed so much that I can’t wear a lot of my old clothes. They don’t fit — but not in the sense of they’re a little loose but more in the sense of they slide right off of me. Then, meet with my friend the chef who […]

More days away from death. Further thoughts on Christopher #Hitchens and others.


Yes, still somber in the wake of the death of Christopher Hitchens this past Thursday. Since I’ve had cancer, I inevitably focus upon any other person diagnosed with the same type of cancer that I had, esophageal cancer. Now in this past week the two people that I knew of who were currently dealing with that particular type of cancer have died, one on Wednesday and Christopher Hitchens on Thursday. [I might add in here […]

Christopher Hitchens: a tiny obituary for a great writer


7:45 I woke early today for no known reason, tossed rather contentedly from my cocoon of bed clothes and eventually dragged the laptop over to begin some writing. Suddenly, I’m met with numbers of articles that mention the death of Christopher Hitchens yesterday. I am sad at more than a loss of a good writer — he and I have/had the same kind of cancer, esophageal cancer. Mine was discovered far earlier in its development […]

Lobsters scream? No? Ah, now I feel better…


… Less guilt to shoulder Myth 9: Lobsters Scream in Pain When Boiled via 10 More Stubborn Food Myths That Just Won’t Die, Debunked by Science. Related articles 10 More Stubborn Food Myths That Just Won’t Die, Debunked by Science [Nutrition] ( Luke’s Lobster Roll (Manhattan) (



Recovering from another week of Pilates with Julie. Turns out I have a lot of core strength. I feel stronger and exhausted at the same time. I didn’t know that that combination of feelings was possible.

Bottled tea: a very depressing report


I have been swilling great amounts of tea, iced and hot, since my bout with cancer. I’ve always loved tea, and now it is even better for me than before. It is way too easy, though, to pick up jugs or six-packs of iced tea at the grocery, now, and save oneself some effort when thirsty. I thought it made no difference. Evidently, it does. The researchers found evidence, that half of the bottled teas […]